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July 2016

3 Valleys Fun ride from Eglwys fach held yesterday Sunday 24th July

22 riders braved the light rain to ride a challenging route of 14 miles/23 km from 10m altitude at Ynys hir RSPB Reserve in Eglwys fach to nearly 400m at the highest point above Glaspwll. The ride included 450m of permissive bridleway sponsored by the British Horse Society and Ceredigion Bridleways Group.

The view below is what they would have seen on their descent into the Llyfnant valley if it had been sunny!

NEWS 2016


March 2016


Bridleway steps redesign to improve safety at Llanfihangel yr Creuddyn

A few of us had issues at the steps just before a bridge on the January fun ride route. Forward going horses, particularly when rushing to catch up, were tending to jump down the last step on the bridleway then landing on the bridge, which although it has a non-slip surface was not designed for horses to jump on to ! Volunteers for CBG, Dick and Hefin Squires, dismantled the last step and wheel barrowed in 20 loads of stone to create a ramp- completing the work last Thursday 17th March. Thanks to local landowner Barry Powell for donating the stone and giving permission.  



Permissive  bridleway clearance near Eglwys-fach today-we volunteers did it !

Thanks to Dick, Joe & Hefin Squires, Felicity Wills, Iola Evans, Rose Gillison & Fiona Evans


Do you have a few hours to spare this Monday 7th March? Come and join a group of volunteers from CBG clearing brambles along a new permissive bridleway route up the valley from the village of Eglwys fach in the far north of the county. We will be there from 10.30 am until 5 pm unless the weather is really bad. To get there from the south you turn up right by the old post office/village shop in the middle of the village of Eglwys fach and continue up the road for 2 miles . Reply if you think you can make it. Bring gardening gloves and a sickle or shears. Sorry for short notice! e mail me on [email protected] or message on f/b.

Bridleway at Old Goginan downgrade to footpath -update -see below & January news

The Inspector's report states the following :- (my highlights-note also that the forms we have seen have different numbers hand written on so it appears that some numbering has changed- although Definitive Map seems clear -see copy below.


“24.Alleged rights of way in the parish of Melindwr were surveyed in the early 1950s and the maps and schedules were approved at a parish meeting at Goginan in 1956.  The map shows the route surveyed as that which is currently shown as a RUPP on the Definitive Map.  It is not, therefore, ‘wrong’ in the sense that the depiction of the route has altered since it was first surveyed.  The description in the survey, however, is odd.  It is very cursory, and simply reports that the path starts at Troedyrhiw Farm (which is at the Old Goginan end) and finishes at a junction with footpath 24.  Footpath 24 (unless the numbering has subsequently changed, which seems doubtful) runs to the south of the Afon Melindwr, and links to 14/26 via a footbridge near Ty’n-y-bedw, well to the east of Bro-dawel.  There was no objection to the depiction of this route as a RUPP on the Definitive Map.


25.The question to be asked of the objectors’ evidence is this: does it show that at the time 14/26 was recorded as a RUPP in the 1950s it did not carry bridleway rights?  Evidence of non-use by horse riders since that time can be given little weight, particularly given that the inhabitants of Bro-dawel have actively discouraged use.  The question, it must be emphasised, can only be applied to the route of the RUPP shown on the Definitive Map; the question of whether a different route should have been shown cannot be considered under s54 of the 1981 Act – see paragraph 3 above.


26.The objectors’ evidence relating to the time before 14/26 was recorded as a RUPP is that the drive to the house was described as a private driveway in a draft lease of 1906, that there has always been a notice on the gate at the start of the drive stating ‘private’, that the residents of Bro-dawel – members of the same family – have always been on site since the early 20th century and have seen no equestrian use, and that the same family has been in residence at Troedyrhiw  since 1947 and have seen no equestrian use.  One resident of Bro-dawel was born there in 1928 and lived there ever since.


27.That evidence must be balanced against the evidence of the survey in the 1950s.  Had the description in the survey clearly stated that the route taken by the RUPP was along the drive to Bro-dawel it would have outweighed the evidence of the objectors, but given what I noted about the survey, which is the only evidence supportive of bridleway rights (above at paragraph 24), it does not.  I conclude that it is more likely than not that no bridleway rights exist on RUPP 14/26 and that it should therefore be reclassified as a footpath.



 The route in question is shown as 14/26 (the east section)on the definitive map photocopy that we obtained from the Council at the cost of £39.20. The RUPP -which would normally be reclassified automatically to Bridleway -is shown clearly in green dashed lines.

Footpaths in pink and roads in yellow/orange.

The part of the RUPP with handwriting shown as extinguished (M39) is now on the 'street map' listed as an unclassified road(shown as ORPA on 1:50 000 OS).



“Dear Sir/Madam,


Reclassification Order “Melindwr”


Notice is hereby given pursuant to paragraph 8 (2) of Schedule 15 to the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 that the Inspector appointed by the Welsh Ministers to determine the Order, proposes to modify the Order with the following modifications:


In the line referring to C.R.F. 14/26 in the Schedule to the Order, delete the word ‘Bridleway’ and insert the word ‘Footpath’ in its place. 


Eifion Jones, Swyddog Llwybrau Cyhoeddus/Public Rights of Way Officer

Cyngor Sir Ceredigion County Council, Penmorfa, Aberaeron, SA46 0PA

01545 572 315


Any representation or objection with respect to the proposed modifications may be sent in writing to the Planning Inspectorate, Crown Buildings, Cathays Park, Cardiff, CF10 3NQ, quoting reference number 516046 not later than 28 days from the publication of this notice and should state the grounds on which it is made, and indicate whether you wish to have the opportunity of being heard by a person appointed by the Welsh Ministers at a further public inquiry. It should be noted that any such representation or objection may be made available for viewing by interested parties at the Council Offices on request.



Isabel Nethell  Authorised by the Welsh Ministers

                         NOTICE POSTED ON 24TH FEBRUARY 2016


CBG Notes

1.  The Council map and document show that there is a recent 2015 interim Inspector’s decision to reclassify a ‘road used as a public path’ (RUPP) to a footpath instead of  to a bridleway, as usually occurs with these reclassifications of RUPPs, where the word footpath is handwritten in to an original document dated 1 Jan 1991.


2.  The Council refer to a Map 3 14/26 where the route in question is (my words as the numbering has changed, as has the status of routes since). 14/26 Junction with the, now unclassified road (on street map but shown on 1:50 000 scale OS as ORPA) west of Bro dawel (continues down as tarmacked road past Cyncoed) to road near Troedyrhiw, Old Goginan.


3.  The bridleway/RUPP in question for the proposed downgrade to a footpath is currently unobstructed, having been blocked and obstructed for the last 25 years plus. The route is open and good to ride although unmarked and some gates currently lack suitable latches so riders will have to dismount. These issues have been reported to the Council using their interactive web based map reporting system.


4. This route, which I have personally ridden very recently, is a through route with good old cart track surfaces and good gradients, providing a useful pleasant connection to the network of riding routes in the local area.


Fiona Evans

BHS CABO Ceredigion

Chair Ceredigion Bridleways Group

2nd March 2016


January 2016

Bridleway at Old Goginan

We discovered by chance complaint to the Council that the route shown below, in red dashed lines, at Old Goginan, which has been obstructed/blocked  for decades, is currently open to horse riders and cyclists as instructed by the Council. The route has been walked by us and should be safe and easy to ride at the moment. An Inspector for Welsh Government has made an interim decision that the restricted byway part of the route should be downgraded to a footpath. There will be a public consultation on this in February 2016.



Capel Bangor Fun Ride 17th January

Our first fun ride of 2016, over a hilly route of 16.6kms/10 miles, was very successful and enjoyed by 20 riders.Thanks to our host Iola Evans for the venue, Brina for serving the mulled wine and mince pies and to our stalwart stewards. Check out our facebook group for photos..

New proposed permissive bridleway near Eglwys-fach

We have secured funding  from the BHS to create a new permissive bridleway near Eglwys-fach at the northern tip of the county to provide a safe off-road riding route to link to the Powys network to the north and east. We are waiting for the Council to get back to us; hopefully to give permission to the landowner to erect a new additional gate on an existing bridleway so we can safely link the new route away from loose horses. We need to spend the grant before the end of the financial year ie the end of March 2016.




April 2015: Ceredigion Bridleway Group supplied 2 more horse friendly latches to the Vale of Rheidol Railway to install on a bridleway near Capel Bangor.


A useful guidance note from the BHS on how to ride through cattle.

Horse Accidents-message from the BHS

We hope you always stay safe when out riding, however incidents can occur. If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in accident it is of vital importance that you record it on our horse accidents website.

It will only take a few minutes to do and it could help us to make a difference in your area to ensure that these accidents to not occur again. Statistics showed that last month we received a record number of incidents involving dogs; Statistics like this will help us understand and raise awareness about such key issues. This information regarding incidents involving dogs can be seen on the BHS website.


If you need advice regarding the horse accidents website please contact the BHS Safety Department, [email protected].


31st March :AGM in Aberaeron

Our AGM was attended by 22 members and 10 non-members. We made a minor but significant change to the constitution to allow an AGM in future to be quorate with 10 members or 10% of the membership present, whichever is the lesser. Viv, Denise and Mina were elected on to the committee. We all enjoyed an excellent talk by Dr Shaun McKane from Cotts Farm Equine Hospital on colic. Draft minutes will be on our Home page until next year.


27th March update: March has been a very busy month !

We sent a response to the Council consultation with recommendations, regarding the additional gates, not currently on the definitive map, on the Croeslan bridleway.

19th April: Fun ride at Dihewyd hosted by Viv and Alan Johnson

Our first fun ride of 2015 was very successful and enjoyed by 26 riders.Thanks to our hosts Alan and Viv for the venue, fantastic food and for laying on beautiful weather ! A few of our signs were nicked from the village locations but fortunately we realised in time and took action so that no-one got lost ! 

25th April:Just managed to get our grant aid application form in to the BHS before the 26th April deadline !

We responded to the Council consultation regarding the partial deletion of a bridleway at Trefenter by sending a report with recommendations.

We sent a letter to the Council regarding the Ystwyth Trail section Penpompren- Ystrad Meurig suggesting that they consider upgrading this section of the route to include horse riders so that we may avoid using a busy road.

Ceredigion Bridleway Group restored a short section of bridleway at Llanfihangel yr Creuddyn, by Aber-trinant and installed gate tiebacks on the same b/w to the north.

Ceredigion Bridleway Group supplied 2 horse friendly latches to the Vale of Rheidol Railway to install on a bridleway near Capel Bangor.

We held a bridleway condition mapping meeting at Llanrhystud where local riders filled in maps for the Cilcennin area.

8th February:  


To download the Ceredigion on Horseback booklet with maps and route descriptions go to our ROUTES page where we also share information on the condition of bridleways. 







For useful information on the advantages of multi-user routes and horse rider statistics consult this document.

We are always looking for volunteers; if you are able to volunteer to help please join and fill in a form then send it electronically or in the post to our membership secretary. Details are on the form.

3rd February:  CBG carried out work on the Llanfihangel-Pisgah bridleway installing 2 posts and 3 tie-backs to make rapidly closing gates safer for horse riders.

28th January: Ceredigion County Council are keen to get volunteers to apply to join the Local Access Forum and to attend meetings held in Aberaeron. The deadline for applications is 5th February. Click here to view the letter we received with details of how to apply.

4th January 2015: HAPPY NEW YEAR ! I managed to send off a response on behalf of the BHS, Ceredigion and Ceredigion Bridleways Group before the 5th January deadline to the Ceredigion County Council regarding the 'Mid Wales Joint Local Transport Plan'.  Unfortunately you won't be surprised to hear there was not a single mention of horse riding in the document despite frequent reference to improving health and well-being through cycling and walking ! Click here to view the feedback form sent.

25th December 2014: MERRY CHRISTMAS ! We were pleased to find that the Natural Resources Wales (ex Forestry Commission) fence beside the bridleway at Pant Coch, Tre'r-Ddol (see below) has been taken down - this immediately makes part of the diverted bridleway route much better and more fun to ride ! We had contacted NRW directly just prior to our meeting with the Council so this is probably why this has happened. Great riding now just a few other issues to resolve..

3rd December 2014: CBG/BHS representatives met Ceredigion County Council staff to discuss the CBG/BHS complaint about the bridleway diversion at Pant Coch, Tre'r-Ddol . It was a positive meeting and we are hopeful that some of the issues may be resolved.  The Council have promised to send us a formal response in January 2015.

30th November 2014: Subject: wind turbines-request for information
Reply-To: Irene Pope <
[email protected]>

Dear All, 

I represent Rochdale Bury Bridleways Association to the north of Manchester. I am doing some research into the effects of wind turbines on horses. The reason is that there are proposals to build 2 windfarms on the moors frequented by local riders and many of the turbines are to be within 200m of a National Trail, The Mary Towneley Loop, part of the Pennine Bridleway above Rochdale. We have a lot of visiting riders tackling the 47 mile Loop. The turbines are 125m tall.


I am particularly interested in the following points

  • How horses have reacted to any wind turbines in your area. Important information is blade tip height and separation distance in these replies.
  • How long have horses taken to become used to the turbines.
  • Are riders who used routes before the turbines were erected still using them or have the turbines prevented them from using these routes.

I would be very grateful for this information.

Your sincerely


Irene Pope 

10th November 2014:Boost for Ceredigion’s Bridleways and Tourism Horse riders, cyclists and walkers can now enjoy and follow a series of rural routes easily thanks to Ceredigion’s County Council's Equestrian Tourism Route Improvement Project ‘Ceredigion on Horseback’ supported by the Rural Development Plan for Wales 2007-2013 which is funded by the Welsh Government and the European Union.  The Ceredigion on Horseback Project has seen improvements to bridleway networks throughout the whole of the county. more on our Routes page and visit the website.



29th October: Llanfihangel y Creuddyn to Pisgah bridleway is open again. Thanks to Ceredigion Council for sorting a diversion and illegal fence across in another part. We have asked for the non-slip surface on a bridge to be redone and stressed that it is important that the fence is not re-erected across or that an illegal gate appears (not on the definitive statement). We raised concerns about the self-closing gates that were not part of the diversion and demonstrated that they slam close in just less than 3 seconds. The suggestion is that we get permission from the landowner and arrange for  posts so that they can be fixed back to allow time for horse(s) to go through.

BHS poster :Be seen over the dark months -wear hi-viz

12th October : 34 riders rode the Ceredigion Bridleways Group Strata Florida fun ride many of whom were new members. Glorious sunshine, great views and a fantastic venue at Dolebolion. Thanks very much to Non for hosting the ride and providing yummy burgers ! We hope to be back ..see photos on our facebook page.

2nd September: Complaint sent to Ceredigion County Council regarding Pant Coch, Tre'r Ddol Bridleway 3/2, All Wales Coast Path; the lack of action on the ground, the lack of written response to our concerns and the lack of regard for legal process and users' H&S. Our e-mail was acknowledged today 3rd September.

31st August: 30 riders rode the Ceredigion Bridleways Group Rhydlewis fun ride, 13 of whom were new members.

The weather was great and the views fantastic so a good time was had by all. Thanks for your support and we look forward to seeing you all at our next fun ride on Sunday 12th October from Dolebolion Farm near Strata Florida(see EVENTS page).

21st August: Llanfihangel y Creuddyn (to Pisgah) report re bridleway diversion 19/23, blocked by fence and difficult. Original feedback given to Council on 15th July and queried again today.

 Ceredigion Bridleways Group volunteers had a busy day clearing bridleways in the Rhydlewis area on 12th August in preparation for the forthcoming CBG fun ride on 31st August. The ride organisers were horrified to find that routes we used previously, which are on a Council promoted ride leaflet, were totally impassable. Thanks to Dick Squires, Joe Squires, Jane Unitt , Jo Evans and  Angela Hathway who gave up their time to open the routes up again for the benefit of all users. 






 Dick Squires





 Jane Unitt in foreground










10th August: Cwm Einion, Furnace report to Natural Resources Wales re bridleway SN 723 935, fallen tree and boggy hole.

5th August:  Ffosdwn, Dihewyd report re bridleway 52/2 SN 476 568, surface and stopped by landowner. Response from Council received as follows:-

“I can confirm that the route that passes through Ffosdwn was initially registered as a Road Used as a Public path.  A Reclassification Order was made in 1991 to reclassify it to a Bridleway; the landowner objected claiming it to be a footpath only.  I submitted this case to the Planning Inspectorate in October of last year; they are currently dealing with a large backlog of cases (55 reclassification cases from me alone), as such I can’t give any timescale on when the status of the route will be resolved.”

4th August: Llechwedd-dderi, Cribyn  60/11 SN 505 505 report re newly reopened/diverted bridleway under Ceredigion on horseback now overgrown, difficult to access due to silage bales and vegetation, very steep so dangerous if surface not visible.  Response from Council received as follows:-

“We are currently considering our arrangements for rights of way in the County in order to provide the most effective approach to future management within the reduced resources available.

Until such time as this review is completed we regret that we will only be able to deal with issues in respect of high priority paths in the north eastern area of the County (that is the 'Category 1' paths, comprising  the promoted routes from Aberaeron - Lampeter and from Borth - Pontrhydfendigaid). Details of path categories can be found on our website at by using the interactive mapping system. This is intended to be a short-term measure to queries received relating to maintenance of public right of way in this area prior to the introduction of new management arrangements. Unfortunately,  the issue you have raised falls within the north eastern area of the county and does not relate to a 'CAT 1' path and will therefore  be logged into our computer system to be dealt once resources allow. I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and please rest assured that the matter you have raised will be dealt with as soon as is practically possible”

 25th July :Pant Coch, Tre'r Ddol Bridleway 3/2, All Wales Coast Path 

 Objection to Confirmation of Diversion of Bridleway. Most recent e-mail sent to Ceredigion Council :-

“We continue to object to this confirmation as the only change appears to be to have taken out reference to the B/W widths and the erroneous footpath heading. As you will be aware the current route is too narrow in places and is much less convenient to ride and maintain than was the original route. If we had known what was going to happen on the ground we would have objected to the diversion. We did not object as we trusted the Council to provide a safe diverted route having attended 2 site meetings with the Council to advise on the diversion previously.


Please refer to my previous e-mails on this matter. I would be grateful for a reply to the points raised and for action to happen on the ground.


You will remember for example that you said the gate at the minor road end is tied back and I responded to say that it is not. Other issues are the width and surface in places and barb wire close to riders’ legs/feet.”


Easter bridleway clearance by Ceredigion Bridleway Group near Furnace, Cwm Einion  of quite big timber following the winter storms! 















Incident reporting to BHS:We would urge all horse owners/riders to report all incidents    to  as unfortunately  it  is difficult to get changes in behaviour and current practises without having data. Incident reported to BHS website since launch in 2010:  Road accident 752, dog attack 547, low flying 129, slippery roads  113, gates 70, fireworks 51, cycles 43, bird scarers 33, Chinese lanterns 10, windfarm 8, transport 7.

Fallen tree blocking a Restricted Byway at Alltgoch near Tal-y-bont reported by a walker to us in January 2014 and passed on to Ceredigion Council . 


2013....scroll down for previous CBG newsletters 1,2 and 3

December 2013

  •  Regarding the padlocked gates at Croeslan showground reported in October. Sarah Pinnell contacted us to say, "the locks on the gates on the showground field have been removed and the situation will be closely monitored. Please advise if you hear of any further issues on this route. There are however a number of ponies in the field where the cross country course is."
  • 31 riders attended our Christmas Fun Ride held at the Rheidol Riding centre in Capel Bangor on Sunday 29th December. The weather was good and the riding excellent . The mulled wine and mince pies seemed to go down well at the end .. Thanks to Iola Evans for letting us use her facilities.

 November 2013

  •  CBG Open meeting held in Aberaeron on 14th November-three new committee members were  elected to replace the three who resigned.
  •  CBG Newsletter No 3 sent out to all members.
  •  Tyn reithin routes restored  by the 'Ceredigion on Horseback' -refer to routes page for detail.  

 October 2013

  • We received a report from the Highways Dept of Ceredigion County Council that the blocked unclassified road at Llain Holiday Cottages at Brongwyn, Cwm-cou (SN 287 439), that BHS have complained about for some time, had been cleared but then unfortunately we have heard that this is not the case ! We will investigate further..
  • Thanks very much to Natural Resources Wales for restoring a 100m section of bridleway through clearfell forestry,  up near Angler's retreat, immediately to the west of Llyn Conach. We have been asking if this section could be restored for some time as routes to it were open. Excellent riding is now available from Cwm Einion  to Talybont. 
  • Routes restored at Penbryn by 'Ceredigion on Horseback'-refer to routes page for detail.
  • Bridleway restored near Llanilar, Meillionnen fields, with gate repairs and improvement of a boggy track.
  • Issues  with padlocked gates at Croeslan showground so best to avoid this route until the matter is resolved.
  • A long standing problem with a short section of boggy impassable bridleway through a gate has been resolved at Llechwedd Llwyd above Talybont, by diverting the route which is now open although there are still some issues with bog on the bridleway route, which is not way marked along that section, as you approach from the north, it is passable but ride with care !
  • A new gate has been put in at the top of Cwm Einion, Furnace at the entrance to the plantation which has improved access there.
 September 2013 
  •  Route closure through Nant yr Arian NRW conifer plantation Oct-Dec 2013 because of need to fell infected larch trees.  View map here 
  • Tree branches and scrub pruned along 200m of bridleway near Furnace by CBG members. 

 July 2013

  • Thanks to local contractor Peter Watkin, CBG funding for a latch and the owner's co operation, a bridleway gate in the Cwmerfyn area is now easy to open and shut from horseback making the bridleway fun to ride.
  • CBG sent a response in to the Welsh Government consultation on the Road Safety delivery Plan in December 2012 mainly to say that; equestrians are vulnerable road users; that the Rights of Way network should be maintained so that we may use off road routes as much as possible and that roads should be managed to be as safe us possible for horse riders.   We received the following e-mail message on 19th July :- " Thank you for responding to the consultation on the Road Safety Delivery Plan. We have considered the responses received and are now pleased to publish the Road Safety Framework for Wales. You can view the published Framework here and see a summary of the consultation responses here."
  • Bridleway improvements are due to start soon in the Penrhynoch/Trefeurig area under the Ceredigion on Horseback Project, please contact me if you are able to come along and support, this is mostly repairing gates/gate posts and fixing horse friendly latches to existing gates.  Please contact me if you are able to          attend and indicate your availability.  Sarah Pinnell - Ceredigion on Horseback Project Coordinator/Ceredigion     ar Gefn Ceffyl Cydlynydd Prosiect,  Coast and Countryside / Arfordir a Chefn Gwlad, Ceredigion County Council.  Email:[email protected] Phone 01545 574199 or 07779 318540 

This project is part funded through the Rural Development Plan for Wales 2007-2013 which is funded by the Welsh Government and the European European Union. Ariennir y prosiect yma yn rhannol drwy Gynllun Datblygu Gwledig i Gymru 2007-2013 a gylludwyd gan Lywodraeth Cymru a’r Undeb Ewropeaidd.

  • Llangeitho area brildleway restored and gates fitted with horse friendly latches-see Routes webpage.  The remaining routes around Trewern Fawr are due to be completed this month.  Report from Sarah Pinnell, Ceredigion County Council.


 June 2013                                                                                 

  •  Tree across bridleway nr Rheidol Study Centre Blaencastell cleared by NRW staff
  • Beware grazing horses near seeding sycamores.... Scientists have identified the toxin believed to cause the serious equine disease Atypical Myopathy.  Atypical myopathy, which is often fatal, results in the destruction of skeletal muscle and often the muscle of the heart and diaphragm. Clinical signs include weakness, muscle tremors, and dark urine with horses frequently laying down and reluctant to stand.  The disease progresses rapidly with many cases developing difficulties eating, breathing and heart problems. The disease may easily be mistaken for colic. More information on the current outbreak status in the UK can be found at the following website:
  • We had a very positive meeting with Natural Resources Wales (NRW) staff at Nant yr Arian on 4th June to discuss horse riding routes within the forestry and access beyond.  We will keep you informed of action on the ground as it happens.

 May 2013

  • The Council and Natural Resources Wales in partnership using European grant aid have just restored the restricted byway from Tre'r Ddol to Gwar-cwm-uchaf.  We have raised the importance of this route and given advice regarding horse riding requirements over recent years so we are very pleased that we can ride this popular route once more- go to ROUTES to view map. 
  • The Council  proposed diversion of the restricted bridleway at Cwm Ceulan near Talybont, to avoid an impassable boggy gate section, is welcomed by CBG. We have raised this issue a few times in the past and are pleased that action is proposed now. Click here for the consultation map.
  • Llangeitho-Ty'n-yr-eithin bridleways re-opened by 'Ceredigion on Horseback'- go to ROUTES to view map. 
  • Vale of Rheidol Railway have improved gated access at Troed Rhiwfelen and Aberffrwd 8mp crossing within the Rheidol valley-see our ACTIONS webpage. It is very important that all users of bridleways ensure that gates are closed properly behind them.
  • The Ceredigion on Horseback (COH)project is improving routes for users throughout Ceredigion.  The Project; funded through the Rural Development Plan for Wales 2007-13 which is funded by the Welsh Government and the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, aim is to improve access for horse riders and other users and provide the infrastructure to enable the equine holiday industry to develop. The project is being run by the Coast and Countryside Section of Ceredigion County Council and was due to be completed in 2013.   The project was successful in its application for an enhancement to project activity; this will focus on additional route improvement to provide an enhanced quality of Public Rights of Way access in Ceredigion, extending the project to November 2014. The existing activity is providing a strategic network of routes in the south of the County, thereby strengthening the County’s position as a visitor destination for countryside access. The proposal will strengthen the product by incorporating additional routes in the north of the County and in the Tregaron area in order to create a linear trail from north to south.  Volunteers from local communities, Aberystwyth and Lampeter Ramblers, and Ceredigion Bridleway Group have been involved in the improvements.  Volunteers have actively played a part in path opening and construction and have accrued over 515 hours to date.

  • View Dihewyd bridleway clearance photos before and after 


Click here for No 1 November 2012

Click here for No 2 March 2013 

Click here for No 3 November 2013

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